We act as the publicly accessible archaeological archive repository for all of Northamptonshire (both North Northamptonshire Council and West Northamptonshire Council areas). We accept archaeological archives from any developer led or community archaeology projects taking place within Northamptonshire.

If you are looking to deposit archives with us, then please familiarise yourself with our archaeological archive standards and our charges below.

We highly recommend that archaeological companies speak to us at their earliest convenience for a project to discuss transfer, selection and retention and other aspects of deposition.

If you’d like to arrange a deposition of an archive, then please email arc@northnorthants.gov.uk and our archives can begin the process with you.

Archive Standards

All archives deposited with NARC must be prepared to Northamptonshire Archaeological Archive Standard (2020) prior to deposition. It is strongly encouraged that project archaeologists read these guidelines from the start of the project to ensure that archaeological archives are properly considered and resourced.

Please see the archive standards for additional box and preparation requirements:

NorthantsArchiveStandards2021.pdf (chesterhouseestate.org)

The NARC has a per box charge for the deposition of new archaeological archives. This charge is in order to cover the administration costs, to ensure the long-term future of NARC as an archaeological archive repository and the safe preservation of all collections held.

Archive Deposition Charges

These charges for professional depositions are the following:

  • Material deriving from fieldwork taking place before January 2014: Free of charge
  • Material deriving from fieldwork taking place between January 2014 and March 2020: £20 per box + VAT
  • Material deriving from fieldwork taking place from April 2020 onwards: £120 per box + VAT

For community archaeology groups, please email the curators at arc@northnorthants.gov.uk