The Chester House Estate is a nationally significant heritage site, being one of the few places in the country which can demonstrate over 10,000 years of human activity.

North Northamptonshire Council (formally Northamptonshire County Council) purchased the site in 2004 and secured grant funding through working with the National Lottery Heritage Fund to develop a sustainable visitor destination with access for the public to learn about the history and heritage, as well as becoming the location to house countywide archaeological finds. The Chester House Estate is overseen by North Northamptonshire Council who have a clear vision on the future of the site.

The Chester House Estate is a nationally significant heritage site, being one of the few places in the country which can demonstrate over 10,000 years of human activity. The unique selling point of The Chester House Estate is summed up in the words "10,000 years of Northamptonshire’s heritage brought to life".

We wish to make The Chester House Estate somewhere that people want to come; a place that through education, learning and enjoyment adds value to their lives, and helps them to appreciate Northamptonshire's outstanding heritage. We will deliver a quality, unique and sustainable educational offering. We will champion accessible education for all ages and communities, our mission is to give the opportunity to engage with The Chester House Estate’s past, present and future.

The operation of the site will be supported by an innovative approach to income generation. The aim is to develop the whole as a multi-use site making maximum use of spaces for different purposes and audiences and thereby generating optimum levels of income.

The Chester House Estate Offering
Free to Enter Heritage Visitor Attraction
Archaeological Resource Centre
Volunteer and Community Engagement
Wedding and Corporate
Venue Hire
Restaurant and Café
Events Catering
Artisan Shopping Courtyard
Bed and Breakfast Offering
Community Farm Shop
Corporate Partnerships
Year-Round Events Programme
Outdoor Play Area 
The Chester House Estate learning programmes:
The 10,000 Years – Interpretation Offering
Archaeological Community Digs
KS1, KS2, KS3 History
KS1, KS2, KS3 Geography
KS4, KS5 Farm Business Diversification
KS4, KS5 Media, Marketing and PR
K24, KS5 Placements and Internships
K24, KS5 Farm Management, Conservation and Animal Care
University and College Partnerships’ (Joint learning)
Adult, Children and Family Workshops

The Chester House Estate is currently under development and we will be opening to the public from Autumn 2021. Follow us on social media to keep up to date on progress.


Our Vision

Connecting the people of Northamptonshire to their 10,000 year story

Having the community at the heart of all we do

Delivering a pioneering and diverse education programme, accessible for all ages

Offering a free to enter estate, for everyone

Being financially sustainable with an innovative commercial offering

Establishing, promoting and growing local business, produce and tourism

Caring for and preserving our natural and historical landscape

Improving the wellbeing of local residents

Preserving the publicly accessible archaeological  archives


Site Walks Map