Brand new florist business that is now based at The Chester House Estate, EDEN WILD, has brought gorgeous flowers to the site and our visitors.

EDEN WILD are a brand new business that are locally from Northamptonshire, Suzie has taken a huge step for her business and opened her first shop based on our site. Specialising in plants, flowers, bouquets and arrangements for weddings, funerals and other events - Suzie's shop has been a huge success so far and she has even done the arrangements that you see dotted around our site including all the flowers in the Farmhouse Kitchen. 

Our site is free to enter so you can come and visit EDEN WILD any day of the week free of charge and with no parking charge. 

Find out more about EDEN WILD here .You can also contact them directly via email note that EDEN WILD is closed on Mondays and open Tuesday - Sunday 10am until 4pm.