Northamptonshire based company Trinkety Paws, which specialises in gifts for our four-legged friends, has moved to the Chester House Estate opening a new shop called the Canine Cottage.

The Canine Cottage, which are run by local company Trinkety Paws, has recently moved to the Chester House Estate and our four-legged visitors are over the moon about it! Trinkety Paws specialise in creating hand made unique leads for dogs but have branched out and now run a shop full of gifts, treats and accessories for our furry friends. 

Our site is free to enter so you can come and visit the Canine Cottage any day of the week free of charge and with no parking charge. 

Find out more about Trinkety Paws here. You can also contact them directly via email You can also follow the Canine Cottage on social media for updates on the shop that's based on our site, visit their Facebook page here.