Nature notes

Nature notes


Each year we will be noting the increasing bio-diversity of birds, flowers and animals at Chester Farm. 


Holm Meadow will see:

  • a gradual colonisation of wildflowers
  • butterflies such as meadow brown and ringlet
  • bumble bees                                                                                                                                                                    
  • pipistrelle bats
  • birds such as skylarks and swallows as well as grazing Canada geese                
  • hares
  • field mice attracting owls in the evening and basking grass snakes

On the rest of the site look out for:

  • grasshoppers and crickets in the long grass
  • buzzards and sparrow hawks and at dusk owls
  • Grassland butterflies such as meadow brown, whites, skippers and gatekeepers
  • Badgers of course, from the extensive sett in the centre of the site
  • Birds such as blackcap, goldfinch and wren
  • Birds from the nearby gravel pit such as lapwing, swan and the little egret, pictured here at Chester Farm in February 2016
  • Kingfishers and tern along the river as well as dragonflies and damselflies
  • Red kite, barn owls, green woodpecker, muntjac deer and foxes have all been seen recently 


This dramatic picture taken at Chester Farm after the heavy rain of March 2016 illustrates how the Nene Valley acts as a flood plain. In the Roman period the valley would be easily forded whatever the time of year, using its great width to accommodate and spread the volume of water to produce quite shallow coverage overall.

When you visit Chester Farm if you note or photograph interesting flora and fauna do let us know - you can email us at