The Chester House Estate has developed an exciting hands on learning programme which will engage learners of all ages through the delivery of both informal workshops and formal taught sessions.

Formal Learning Groups

School and other formal learning group visits are available during term time, providing opportunities for students to engage with the history, heritage and geography of the Chester House Estate.

A school visit includes:

  • An interactive enquiry-based workshop session of your choice, in which students will interrogate original and replica objects to develop an understanding of the lives of the people who used to live in the Nene Valley, why they settled here and how the landscape shaped the way they lived.
  • A guided tour around our wider site, providing opportunity for students to delve deeper into the history of the Chester House Estate and an understanding of the of how the site was used as a settlement throughout history.
  • Self-guided time which allows groups to explore our exhibitions and shop at their own pace or to burn off some energy in our play area
  • A 30-minute slot in our lunchroom

A visit usually lasts for 4 hours. You will be allocated an arrival and departure time. Please explore the pages below to find out more about school visits to the Chester House Estate.


We charge £150 per class (up to 34 children) for a 4 hour visit to our site. For a class of 30 students this works out to be £5 per child.

Other learning groups

Other learning groups, such as Guides, Brownies, Scouts and Cubs,  who would like to take advantage of our learning programme but are unable to visit on weekdays in term time can do so on weekend dates and half term days throughout the year.

A typical visit to the Chester House Estate is identical to the formal learning offer outlined above.

Find out about sessions we offer here and where to find us here. If you have any other questions you can contact at