Late Night Cade Lamb Feeding

Late-night Cade Lamb Feeding Experience 


Saturday 25th March – Monday 1st May 2023   

Back by popular demand our BAA-rilliant late-night cade lamb feeding!


The Ewes are getting ready to give birth as spring is getting closer and we are incredibly EGG-cited to welcome our visitors to meet our cade lambs and celebrate spring with us. Our on-site livestock team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the lambing season, EWE can also get involved in the action and help us bottle feed our cade lambs. 

This year we are back with the highly demanded late-night lamb feeding tickets, where up to 8 people can come and help our livestock team feed the lambs in the evening. Every evening we will run a session at 5pm and 9pm, that will last an hour where you can bottle feed up to 40 cade lambs, learn all about cade lambs, and even get a chocolate treat at the end!

 Included in your £40 lamb feeding ticket: 

  • Up to 8 people to feed ALL 40 of our cade Lambs 
  • A chocolate treat 
  • Q & A time with our livestock team

It is imperative that when you leave the Lamb Barn you MUST wash your hands at the hand washing sinks provided (hand sanitiser is not sufficient) and we strongly advice that you wash them again before eating. All children MUST wash their hands with adults supervision. We strongly advise that those who are pregnant do not to enter the lamb barn, due to the risk of e-coli and we also strongly advice that newborn babies under 12 months do not attend the lamb feeding experience. 

Click here to book your late night feeding

Car Parking :

Please park at our accessible entrance for this event (Lime Avenue NN29 7EZ), our main car park will be locked in the evenings from 4:30pm. 

Lime Avenue: Disabled and accessibility parking – Link to Map - two minute walk to Lamb Barn. 

Ensure you allow for the time to get to your session, your booked time slot will be when the event begins, allow for time to walk from the car park.