Iron Age

Iron Age

During the Iron Age, the population generally lived in small family farms spread across the countryside. One of these was excavated a few years ago in the area now occupied by the large warehouses to the west of Chester Farm and two more are known to survive under the ground within the site.

Each farm comprised a small number of round houses within a square ditched enclosure. The enclosure was surrounded by fields in which cereals, peas/beans and other crops were grown.

A similar farm, about 3km south of Chester Farm, when excavated produced evidence of bee-keeping. This was  in the form of the bodies of honey bees that had been collecting water to dilute the honey stored in the hive.

What did a roundhouse look like?

See a 3D model of a typical iron age roundhouse below. Please ensure you use the most up-to-date browser or mobile device available for the best user experience.

Model by Daniel McCaul from The University of Northampton - contact: